Motorola Moto 360 il primo smartwatch ad equipaggiare Android Wear

Nella giornata di oggi ci sono state numerose sorprese. Una di esse è l’annuncio di Google del nuovo sistema operativo incentrato sugli smartwatch, ovvero Android Wear. Tale dichiarazione è stata seguita a ruota da quella fatta da Motorola,Cover iPhone 5s, che ha annunciato il nuovo Motorola Moto 360, ovvero il primo smartwatch ad avere a bordo il nuovo sistema di Google.

Moto360 600x296 Motorola Moto 360: il primo smartwatch ad equipaggiare Android Wear news  motorola moto 360 motorola android wear

Il motivo di questo nome è probabilmente dovuto al fatto che, a differenza degli smartwatch commercializzati finora che sono quadrati, Motorola Moto 360 è caratterizzato da un quadrante tondo. Inoltre l’azienda alata ha voluto realizzare uno smartwatch dal design davvero molto elegante, che va in netto contrasto con quanto presentato finora dalla concorrenza.

Unknown Motorola Moto 360: il primo smartwatch ad equipaggiare Android Wear news  motorola moto 360 motorola android wear

Purtroppo non abbiamo informazioni sulle caratteristiche tecniche che ha Motorola Moto 360. Ci è sconosciuta anche la data esatta della commercializzazione: sappiamo solo che arriverà nel terzo trimestre del 2014. L’unica cosa che possiamo mostrarvi al momento è una galleria di immagini che ritraggono il Motorola Moto 360 in ogni suo aspetto.

Inoltre è stato pubblicato anche un piccolo video promozionale in cui viene appunto presentato il nuovo smartwatch di Motorola,Custodie per iPhone 5. Speriamo di avere presto ulteriori informazioni in merito a questa vicenda.



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Learning how to convert heat directly into power A thermoelectric materials emulator

Oct. 24, 2013 — Discovered in the 19th century, thermoelectric materials have the remarkable property that heating them creates a small electrical current. But enhancing this current to a level compatible with the needs of modern technologies has revealed an extraordinary challenge for scientists of the last decades, despite important theoretical and experimental efforts. Now a novel approach could lead to substantial progress. At ETH Zurich the quantum optics group of Tilman Esslinger has created a key model to better understand the fundamental phenomena — "a thermoelectric material emulator."

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It happened almost by chance: In Zurich group member Jean-Philippe Brantut and his colleagues had just set up a new experiment when visiting professor Antoine Georges from the Collège de France and University of Geneva had a look at the laboratory and was thrilled. "We didn’t really think that in our experiment we could have efficient thermoelectricity," remembers Jean-Philippe Brantut,coque samsung galaxy note 3, "but then he told us, that our setup was extremely interesting, something he and his colleagues Corinna Kollath (University of Bonn) and Charles Grenier (Ecole Polytechnique — CNRS) had been looking for for years."

Antoine Georges returned the very next day with a bunch of equations to convince the researchers that their experiment was an ideal way to study thermoelectricity. This triggered a fruitful collaboration between theorists in Paris, Bonn and Geneva and experimentalists in Zurich. The results of the international team are now presented in "Science."

From heat to electricity

The generation of electricity from heat usually involves burning a combustible, which then heats a fluid that brings a mechanical turbine into motion, which eventually produces an electrical current. In thermoelectric materials, the entire cycle that is performed by a heat engine occurs naturally. However, this effect is weak and for the materials known so far, the efficiency of thermoelectric generators is much smaller than that of electrical power plants.

At the moment the technology is mainly used for powering space probes like rover Curiosity exploring planet Mars or for small devices like self-powered sensors. But experts expect a wide range of possible applications in the future. In any engine there is a lot of heat wasted. Car companies are already testing different systems to recover energy from the exhaust gas expecting fuel savings of 3 to 5 %. Other consumer applications could be powering mobile phones or watches by body heat. A highly efficient thermoelectric material would be a major source of renewable energy, since heat is usually wasted by human activities.

At ETH the thermoelectric material emulator sits in a vacuum chamber made out of glass. Enclosed is a gas of Lithium atoms,housse Samsung Galaxy S5. Using lasers the gas is cooled down to very low temperatures close to absolute zero below minus 273 degree Celsius. Under these conditions the atoms in the gas behave like the electrons in a material. To simulate thermoelectricity the atoms are trapped by a set of laser beams. These create a spatially varying structure in which the atoms move like electrons in a material.

A big surprise

Using atoms trapped by lasers to simulate the behavior of complex materials is a well-tested method in Zurich. For the last ten years the ETH quantum optics group has studied superconductors or magnets, and even devices attached to leads and conducting currents. But the researcher didn’t expect their new experiment to be such a big success. "With simple ingredients we simulate thermoelectricity that is as high in efficiency as in natural materials," explains Tilman Esslinger, Professor for Quantum Optics. "That was a big surprise."

Although it is still basic research the experiment may have a stronger impact on materials science than the team thought at the beginning. "Our experiment could serve as a kind of benchmark," says Jean-Philippe Brantut who will continue with his research founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In the next two years the team will try to bring the original experiment forward in order to study more complex systems. But already now the cold atom emulation shines a new light on thermoelectricity: comparison between theory and experiments, which are often hard for natural materials due to their high complexity, can now be precisely performed on the atoms. Even the effects of defects and disorder in materials have been successfully explored with the cold atom emulator.

With these new findings, the fundamental processes underlying thermoelectricity can be studied in a controlled way. This may help the simulation and design of thermoelectric materials in the future, in particular where experiments on natural materials still lack theoretical interpretation.


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Die Sims 4 Electronic Arts sichert Internet-Adresse

Duell statt Konversation im Mittelalter pflegen Ihre Sims raue Umgangsformen.

Erholsame Urlaube,iPhone 4s Hülle, heie Flirts, spannende Jobs oder beeindruckende Zaubereinlagen: Die Sims, Electronic Arts virtuelle Computer-Persnchen, haben schon einiges erlebt und ausprobiert. Und der nchste Ableger setzt noch einen drauf: Vorbei die Zeiten, in denen Arbeit, Haushalt und Familie im Mittelpunkt des Spiels standen. Ab 2011 bekmpfen Sie in Die Sims Mittelalter Drachen, retten Jungfrauen und suchen nach dem Heiligen Gral.

Was Die Sims 4 spielerisch bereithlt, ist unklar. Einer aktuellen Meldung zufolge steht wohl fest, dass die Simulation kommt: Electronic Arts hat sich jetzt die Internet-Adresse gesichert.

Erscheinungstermin Die Sims Mittelalter: Mrz 2011 fr PC und Mac,Samsung Galaxy S3 Hülle. (ul)

Bildergalerie: Die Sims MittelalterScreenshots: Die Sims Mittelalter15 Bilder Die Sims Mittelalter: Trailer zeigt das dunkle Zeitalter
Die Sims Mittelalter: Entwickler im Interview
Die Sims 3: Eindrcke der Konsolenversion

Mehr Infos: Die Sims Mittelalter fr PC
Alle Nachrichten: Die Sims Mittelalter fr PC


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Accessoires rock pour un total look rebelle

Vêtements et accessoires rock,Sandales à talons, pour un total look rebelle

Vêtements et accessoires rock, pour un total look rebelle

1 / 14


  • Vêtements et accessoires rock, pour un total look rebelle

  • Bague articulée en métal, Eddie Borgo

  • Baskets en cuir clouté, Hogan Rebel

  • Lunettes de soleil, Lotho

  • Boucle d'oreille en métal, Chanael K

  • Mitaines en cuir, Annie Uzureau

  • Bracelets en argent, Pandora

  • Sac en cuir clouté, Pepe Jeans

  • Chapeau en raphia, Paul Smith

  • Bracelet-bagues en métal, Chanael K

  • Derbys à semelle plateforme, New Look

  • Collier en vinyle et strass, Azzaro

  • Pochette en cuir clouté, Zadig & Voltaire

  • Sandales compensées en cuir, Iro


Mesdemoiselles : il va falloir faire vos adieux à tous les vêtements classiques sagement pliés dans vos armoires pour faire d&eacute,achat de chaussure en ligne;sormais place aux pièces mode punk et rock déstructurées pour un total look rebelle assumé.


  • Les touches punk pour un total look rebelle

Les denims se déchirent,
Les vestes sont uniquement en cuir ou en jean,
Les baskets se parent de clous en masse et les derbys font fureurs à vos pieds.

Misez  également sur des accessoires XXL oxydés et métalliques et le tour sera joué !

Pour les demoiselles plus réticentes à porter des pièces rock en cuir, pas de panique, il existe des alternatives : le faux cuir reste tout aussi tendance.


  • Des teintes tendance pour un dressing so rock

Les couleurs resteront dans les tons rock simples et tendance : il va donc falloir ressortir les blues jeans  usés de nos placards et le fameux noir passé de nos vestes en cuir (ou faux cuir) fétiches.

Vous voilà prête pour redonner vie à votre dressing en seulement quelques petits coups de ciseaux !


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Una pulsera inteligente para bebés

Vraag 1: De NSA kan blijkbaar kleine spionageprogramma’s verstoppen in bijvoorbeeld een plaatje van een schattig katje of een leuk Android-spelletje. Hoe kan de gemiddelde gebruiker nou zien dat een afbeelding of app geen malware bevat?

Het korte antwoord: dat kun je niet. Het enige wat je kunt doen is vertrouwen plaatsen in de leverancier die de hardware of software heeft gemaakt, vooral als het een digitale handtekening bevat. Zolang het certificaat dat wordt gebruikt niet gecompromitteerd is geraakt, weet je in ieder geval vrijwel altijd dat de code die is gecertificeerd door de ontwikkelaar ook daadwerkelijk de code is die de maker heeft geschreven en niet een malafide code van een derde partij. Maar zelfs dat kun je nooit helemaal zeker weten.

Vraag 2: Je hebt ooit gesteld dat security-through-obscurity een belangrijk onderdeel van beveiliging is en daar kritiek op gekregen omdat bijvoorbeeld het hernoemen van admin-accounts als een overbodige, verkwistende actie wordt gezien. Maar als dit echt werkt, waarom vallen sommige IT’ers daar dan over?

Transparantie wordt nu belangrijk gevonden en sommige mensen herhalen dat dogma als feit. Security through obscurity is een onderdeel van beveiliging en je zou er zeker niet op moeten vertrouwen als je enige verdediging, maar het is een niet te onderschatten onderdeel ervan. Stel je voor dat je dit niet toepaste. In een vergelijkende situatie van transparantie zou dus elk leger van elkaar weten wat hun capaciteiten en wapens waren.

Maar neem dit niet zomaar van me aan en blijf vooral kritisch, ook op deze filosofie. Het belangrijkste dat je kunt leren in beveiliging is dat je niet alles voor waar aanneemt en zelf op onderzoek uitgaat. Heb wel respect voor wat mensen met ervaring je vertellen, maar accepteer het niet direct als hoogste waarheid. Blijf sceptisch.

Vraag 3: Als Stuxnet de meest complexe malware ooit is, kunnen de afgeleiden daarvan dan chaos aanrichten op het gehele internet en niet alleen bij nucleaire installaties?

Dat is inderdaad het nachtmerriescenario van veel mensen. Maar ik denk dat juist minder complexe malware verantwoordelijk is voor grote problemen op het internet. Geavanceerde malware heb je nodig voor geavanceerde doelen,galaxy s3 hoesjes. Maar om internetverbindingen vast laten lopen of om banken te beroven kun je het beste conventionele malware gebruiken.

Hackers stelen dagelijks tientallen miljoenen, zo niet honderden, en ze komen daarmee weg omdat we het accepteren als noodzakelijke kosten voor internetbankieren – zolang de schade maar onder een bepaald niveau blijft. Er komt een dag dat een groepje dieven het te bont maakt en aan de haal gaat met veel te veel geld en dan zijn de rapen gaar en moet ‘internet gerepareerd’ worden.


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La ROM Scene se prepara para crear sus Ice Cream Sandwich


Foto vía Engadget

Muchos de vosotros sabréis que Google recientemente liberó el código fuente de Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, concretamente liberó la versión que responde al nombre en clave “maguro”, nombre que identifica al que hasta la fecha es el único dispositivo oficial que cuenta con la última versión de Android, el Galaxy Nexus.

Pues, como era de esperar, los “cocineros” de ROMs de medio mundo se han puesto a trabajar para llevar la última iteración del sistema a todos los dispositivos que les sea posible.


Por su parte,Fundas Galaxy note3, el equipo de CyanogenMod ha anunciado mediante su Twitter que está trabajando en la versión 9 de su excelente ROM, avisando a los usuarios de que posiblemente puedan disfrutar en casi cualquier terminal —pues este grupo trabaja con una gran cantidad de dispositivos— de su versión de Android dentro de unos dos meses. En algunos casos, sobre todo a los poseedores de terminales de Google como el Nexus S —recordemos que el Nexus One no se actualizará oficialmente— puede parecernos una espera demasiado larga, pues seguramente Google actualice su anterior dispositivo mucho antes; pero para el resto será una grata noticia, pues hay compañías que dilatan demasiado en el tiempo las actualizaciones y otras tantas que ni siquiera actualizan sus dispositivos.


Por otro lado, la reacción de otro de los “grandes” dentro del mundo de la scene en Android no se ha hecho esperar, y es que MIUI afirman desde su Twitter que dispondrán de una beta —cerrada, eso sí— de su adaptación particular de Android 4.0 para principios de Diciembre, anunciando que el primer dispositivo en el que se está trabajando es el Nexus S.


Pero eso no es todo, y es que grupos y sceners de menor fama ya están sembrando la semilla para lograr sus ports definitivos de Ice Cream Sandwich a diversos terminales.
Y es que en los foros de XDA podemos ver cómo hay usuarios que ya pueden disfrutar de una versión bastante aceptable de Android 4,accesorio iphone 5s.0 en sus Samsung Galaxy S e incluso en sus Samsung Galaxy SII, aunque hay que tener en cuenta que se trata de versiones alpha con algunas funcionalidades básicas que aún no funcionan.


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Geothermal power

Geothermal power is the use of geothermal heat for electricity generation,Coque Samsung Galaxy Note.

See also:

Matter &amp,housse Galaxy S5; Energy
  • Electricity
  • Thermodynamics
  • Energy Technology
  • Petroleum

It is often referred to as a form of renewable energy, but because the heat at any location can eventually be depleted it technically may not be strictly renewable.


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Samsung Gusto 2 (Verizon Wireless)

Samsung Gusto 2 (Verizon Wireless) height="245" title="Samsung Gusto 2 (Verizon Wireless)"/>

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  • Pros

    Good voice quality. Easy to use. Good battery life.

  • Cons
    Poor camera. No music or video players. Low screen resolution.
  • Bottom Line

    The Samsung Gusto 2 is a good, simple voice phone for Verizon Wireless, but it really should be free.

By Alex Colon

An update to the Samsung Gusto (3 stars), the Samsung Gusto 2 does very little to change the formula established by the original. In fact, aside from a minor update to the camera, and a slightly new look, the rest of the changes are almost impossible to spot. In a sense, that’s a good thing—the Gusto 2 remains a very simple cell phone, with good call quality, for anyone that’s only interested in making voice calls. On the other hand, there’s no new reason to recommend the Gusto 2 to anyone else, and nothing has been done to justify the $69.99 price tag for a phone that should be free. 

Compare Similar Products

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  • Samsung Gusto 2 (Verizon Wireless)



  • LG Cosmos 2 (Verizon Wireless)



  • Samsung Convoy 2 SCH-U660 (Verizon Wireless)



  • Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 (Verizon Wireless)



Design and Call Quality
The Gusto 2 measures 3.8 by 1.9 by 0.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 3.9 ounces. It's made entirely of gray matte plastic on the outside, accented by a lightly textured black plastic band that extends to the inside when you flip it open. The look is either sleek and minimal, or cold and drab, depending on how you see it. The internal 2-inch LCD offers just 160-by-128-pixel resolution, which is standard, but unimpressive. There's also a 1.1-inch passive-matrix external display with 96-by-96-pixel resolution. It looks a bit washed out and cramped, but offers up the time, battery life, reception,galaxy s5 cases, and a few other useful indicators. The numeric keypad features large, easy-to-press keys, a five-way control pad, and eight function keys—up from five on the original. Now there are dedicated keys for messaging, voicemail, and emergency contacts. Dialing numbers and texting felt fine, thanks to the large number buttons.

View all 5 photos in gallery

The Gusto 2 is a dual-band 1xRTT (850/1900 MHz) device with no Wi-Fi. Voice quality is above average. Voices sound reasonably clear and full in the phone's earpiece, though they distort just a bit at top volume. Transmissions through the microphone sound excellent,Galaxy Note 2 Case, full and natural, with very good noise cancellation. There's also a hint of side tone, which is the sound of your own voice that prevents you from yelling. The speakerphone also sounds good, and is loud enough to use outdoors. Calls were clear over a Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset ($129, 4.5 stars), and the Nuance-powered voice dialing worked fine. Battery life was good, at 6 hours and 57 minutes of talk time.

Apps, Multimedia, and Conclusions
The first time you turn on the phone, you're presented with a number of personalization options, including call sounds, clocks, display themes, font size, and menu layout. This is a nice touch, and one that clues you into the Gusto 2's intended audience: Someone looking for a cell phone that's simple and easy to use. Apps and multimedia are highlighted below, and those are not this phone's strong suit. This isn't a good phone to browse the Web with, for example. The Access NetFront 3.0 browser is slow, only handles WAP pages, and the screen's low resolution lets you read through just a few lines of jagged text at a time.

There's no IM, but email access is included for AOL, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange,, and Windows Live accounts. But it's too much work to type messages without a keyboard, and unless you have a $10 75MB data plan, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

VZ Navigator 4.5.3 is included for voice-enabled, turn-by-turn GPS directions and real-time traffic, though it costs $2.99 per day, $4.99 per week, or $9.99 per month if you don't sign up for that $10 monthly data plan. It works well, but that's a high price to pay considering you can get a similar service for free from using an Android smartphone (though you'll also be paying an even pricier monthly data plan in that case).

Multimedia is pretty much out. There's a non-standard 2.5mm headphone jack, which only works with mono headphones. There's no music or video player, and just a scant 24MB of available internal memory. That's good for about 150 pictures.

The 1.3-megapixel camera is a step up from the original's VGA shooter. Photos are nothing special, but they're okay for the occasional quick shot. There's no microSD card slot, though, so you'll need to email, send a picture message, or transmit the photo via Bluetooth in order to get it off of your phone.

Ultimately, the Gusto 2 shares the same exact strengths and weaknesses with its predecessor. It remains a good choice for Verizon users looking for a simple voice phone. But at $69.99, it's overpriced. You can get more for your money with the free LG Extravert or the LG Cosmos 2 (3 stars). Both of those phones feature keyboards for better messaging capabilities, as well as far more multimedia features than the Gusto 2, though they aren't as simple to use. So if you're looking to keep it simple, the Samsung Gusto 2 is a solid bet, along with the LG Revere ($79.99, 3.5 stars) which has a similar price and design.

Continuous talk time:
 6 hours 57 minutes

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Dubble Bubble Telefon Kaugummi-Automat

Dubble Bubble belohnt jedes Telefonat mit einem Kaugummi.

Fr 139 Dollar erhalten Sie ein Gert,Review Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (i9105P) Smartphone, um das Sie vor allen Dingen Kinder sicherlich beneiden. Denn wenn Sie angerufen werden,Samsung Note 2 Hüllen, geht die Party los: Anstelle eines Klingeltons erschallt Zirkusmusik, das Telefon beginnt zu blinken, und aus dem Magazin rollt eine Kaugummi-Kugel ber eine Rampe in die Schtte. Auf diese Weise werden auch unangenehme Telefonate zum sen Erlebnis. (rs)

Von Kitsch bis Kult: Die skurrilsten MP3-Player


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