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Een nieuwe vakantiebeurs in 2013

Zojuist las ik een interessant bericht van Roy van Delft, dezelfde Roy die klaagde op social media over het gesloten karakter van TravMagazine (voorheen ReisRevue),housses iPhone 4s.

Roy heeft een mooi artikel geschreven met verbetervoorstellen voor de Vakantiebeurs 2013 en eigenlijk voor de gehele reisbranche. Een mooie opening voor een breder debat!

Lees het artikel op,etui samsung galaxy s4;s=0.

Bande annonce de Rise of the Tomb Raider annonc

Square Enix et le studio de développement Crystal Dynamics viennent d’annonce à l’occasion de l’E3 un nouveau jeu évènement, la suite de Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider !

Ce tout nouveau jeu reprend bien entendu le personnage de Lara Croft alors interprété par Camilla Luddington,?Coques Pour iPhone. Le studio de développement annonce un jeu avec des possibilités d’exploration beaucoup plus grandes. A noter qu’il sera uniquement disponible sur les consoles de nouvelle génération (PS4 et Xbox One) ainsi que sur PC ce qui laisse présager des graphismes particulièrement réussis grâce au moteur Fondation.

En tout cas, cette bande annonce toute fraiche est plutôt alléchante. et nous sommes très impatients de voir arriver le jeu. Plus d’infos sur notre fiche de Rise of the Tomb Raider.


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T-Mobile Galaxy S 4 Receives 4.4.2, OTA Mirrored!

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4 Receives 4.4.2, OTA Mirrored!

Just four days ago, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 received an OTA update to Android 4.4.2. This naturally lead many to wonder when Samsung’s


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Edna bricht aus Sammler-Edition zum Abenteuer-Klassiker

Reif fr die Anstalt: Die Entwickler schnren Edna-Fans ein dickes Paket fr irren Rtselspa,Bling Block H


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Kleine kinderen spelen graag op een tablet of smartphone. Niet altijd ideaal voor de ouders, die zelf ook graag hun smartphone en tablet willen gebruiken. Samsung speelt hier handig op in met Galaxy Tab3 Kids, een tablet speciaal voor kinderen. 

De Galaxy Kids heeft een vrolijke gele kleur en wordt geleverd met een oranje beschermhoes. Voor deze tablet is een speciale laag voor over de standaard versie van Android gecreëerd. De user interface heeft leuke kleurtjes en grote icoontjes, waardoor de tablet makkelijk te bedienen is door kinderen. Een extra beschermhoes voor betere grip en pen om te tekenen zijn los verkrijgbaar. 


Educatieve apps en spelletjes staan standaard op de tablet. Ouders kunnen zelf nieuwe apps installeren vanuit de speciale Kids Store, waar alleen apps voor kinderen in staan. Deze apps zijn geschikt voor kinderen van 2 tot 8 jaar. 

Een groot voordeel van deze tablet is dat de ouders constant in controle blijven over het gebruik van hun kinderen. Ouders bepalen niet alleen welke apps op de tablet staan,hoesjes iPhone 4, maar ook hoe lang hun kinderen spelen. Ouders kunnen een timeslot instellen om te zorgen dat kinderen niet te lang op tablet spelen. Als de tijd verstreken is, moet er een wachtwoord ingevoerd worden. 

De Galaxy Tab3 Kids wordt dit najaar nog verwacht in Nederland,Hoesjes iPhone 5C, met een kostenplaatje van €249 voor de tablet. Dit is echter €70 duurder dan de huidige Galaxy Tab 3. Hoewel de Tab3 Kids verschillende voordelen biedt, blijft de vraag of dat de hoge prijs van deze opweegt tegen de energie en tijd die het kost om je kinderen in de gaten te houden als ze op een tablet spelen. 


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Verizon recorta por segunda vez el precio del m

La operadora de telefonía móvil Verizon Wireless acaba de recortar el precio de su DROID 3 a 49,Fundas iPhone 5/5s,99 dólares con la firma de un contrato.

Los usuarios que estén interesados en realizar una compra pueden visitar el sitio web de la empresa y aprovechar la nueva rebaja.

Esta es la segunda vez que el dispositivo pasa por una rebaja, ya que la semana pasada Verizon redujo el precio del DROID 3 a 99,99 dólares con contrato. El nuevo recorte de precio sugiere claramente que el sucesor de este móvil,Cover Samsung Galaxy S4, el Motorola DROID 4, está a la vuelta de la esquina.

El nuevo dispositivo fue lanzado oficialmente en la feria CES 2012 y debería llegar al mercado en las próximas semanas. Verizon no ha confirmado el estreno oficial hasta ahora, pero han surgido varias señales de que se está preparando para el lanzamiento.


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Paranoid Android 4.2 Beta 2 download disponibile

Come previsto dopo l’annuncio della Monday Release,custodia iPhone 4s, Paranoid Android ha pubblicato nelle scorse ore una nuova versione della famosa ROM:


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Engadget test drives the Chevy Volt (video)

For a car that’s been as eagerly anticipated and hyped as the Chevrolet Volt, seeing it in person is not exactly an awe-inspiring experience. In fact if you don’t look twice it’s very easy to mistake it for Chevy’s Cruze, an eco-friendly (though decidedly traditionally powered) small car. The Volt is, of course, a little more special — a car with both electric and internal-combustion engines on-board. That’s not a particularly rare thing in this age of the Prius, but Chevrolet is being very clear: the Volt is an electric car, not a hybrid, and if you read on after the break we’ll tell you exactly why — and what it’s like to drive one.

Chevy Volt test drive

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Two engines, united but separate

In a traditional hybrid powertrain, ala the Prius, the electric and gasoline motors are joined at the hip — or, more specifically, at the transmission. Differentials and gearing handle the complex machinations allowing both motors to spin the wheels, either individually or together. While a Toyota engineer will say that’s no big deal, as they’ve been doing it for years, it’s one extra cog in the works adding friction and robbing efficiency.

The Volt is superficially similar, electric and gas motors both sharing an engine compartment, but in this case the internal combustion lump purely acts as a generator. It is not connected to the drivetrain and only serves to generate electricity, recharging the batteries while on the go. The idea is that you can drive the car as a pure electric vehicle for roughly 40 miles (until the batteries reach 30 percent capacity), then the 1.4 liter gasoline motor kicks in,iPhone cases, recharging the batteries and directly powering the 111kW electric motor. That equates to roughly 150hp, which isn’t bad for an environmentally-minded machine.

Chevy calls this an “electric vehicle with extended range capability,” and since the gasoline engine is not connected to the drivetrain it is truly an electric car — one that you could take on a road trip without worrying about finding 220 outlets along the way. But, unlike a typical EV the Volt has to lug around the extra weight of a second engine, a gas tank, exhaust system, radiator,kiwifun nz, and all the other accoutrement needed to keep things spinning. Sadly we couldn’t get any of the many GM representatives to give us a curb weight for the Volt, so we don’t know just how portly this is, but we’d be surprised if it came in much lighter than the Prius.

The drive

Chevrolet representatives were very proud to show off the design of the Volt, talking about the details like recessed wiper arms, smooth bodywork, and a trailing spoiler that all help to drastically reduce aerodynamic drag and to noise. That latter part is doubly important when you’re working with a car that’s quiet like an EV. And, of course, there’s all the smartphone-integration and related tech to wonder at. Cool stuff for sure, but we were there to drive the thing, and drive it we did — briefly.

Sadly we were only allowed to take it out for a loop around a New York City parking structure, but in our few minutes behind the wheel we were able to get a reasonably good feel for the thing. To start you simply put your foot on the brake and hit a power button that doesn’t look much different from what you’d find on the front of an inexpensive ATX computer case. Hit it and a bunch of multi-function displays pop to life accompanied by the whirring of fans and other electronic devices buried in the dashboard. It sounds exactly like a PC booting up.

Move the curiously oversized shifter past P, R, and N and you get to D, then it’s time to move. Pulling away from a start is smooth and nearly silent, with only the distant whirr of a dynamo reminding us that this wasn’t a solid-state machine. Before long the supplementary 1.4 liter gasoline engine made its presence known as we drove up a parking ramp, the battery cells drained by the other test drivers on this day. Even when that was on, however, the driving experience was very quiet.

We were given an opportunity to put the Volt into sport mode (adding about 20 25 more horsepower) and romp on it a bit, and when driven in this way the car definitely responds. Unfortunately we barely topped 50 before running out of parking lot, but the acceleration, particularly from a stop, is far more responsive than your average economy car. What kind of top-range punch that electric motor can deliver remains to be seen, however. Handling was also decent, with very little body roll thanks to the heavy batteries being mounted low beneath the passenger seats and along the transmission tunnel. It’s not a sports car by any means, but it did feel sporty enough to keep things interesting.

The interior was is also interesting, with an LCD display behind the steering wheel handling the crucial information — speed, gear, economy — and a secondary touchscreen mounted in the center console for controlling the in-car entertainment center. All along the center stack is a slew of capacitive touch buttons for things like the defroster and stereo controls, a trend that we’ll be seeing in many more cars to come. The sport button is, at least, a physical thing that moves when you hit it. Thank goodness for that.


The Volt is an intriguing car, perhaps the most exciting thing Chevrolet has produced in years (next to the new ZR-1, of course), but ultimately it is just a car and we’re left wondering how much of an impact it will have in a segment dominated by the Prius — especially after Toyota’s plug-in model is released. That the Volt will let most commuters get to work and back without burning a drop of E85 is hugely appealing, but there are two big questions left unanswered: what will the real-world mileage be once you do have to dip into the dino juice, and just how much will the thing cost.

That last question is the most important, and it’s the one that nobody from GM wanted to touch. The initial goal was to have it sell for $30,000 or less, but it’s unclear whether you’ll have to factor in the $7,500 electric car federal tax credit to hit that mark. We’re guessing you will, and for this car to be worth $30k it’s going to have to put out some fantastic real-world efficiency numbers. Unfortunately that’s the kind of info we can’t glean from a half-mile test drive, and early 230mpg EPA ratings sound a bit… optimistic.

Chevrolet is still planning on selling the Volt in limited test markets (California, Michigan, and Washington DC) before the end of the year, so we’re guessing it’ll be at least another six months before we get the answer to either of those questions. It certainly is an entertaining drive and, if it can provide a solid value proposition not just for those looking to make a difference environmentally but also for folks just looking to save some cash, GM could have quite a winner on its hands here.


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Danse avec les stars 4 nbsp; Shy’m, une jur



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